About the UAE Rare Disease Society

“The Ministry of Community Development has issued a resolution under decree no. 7 of the year 2018 to announce the establishment of the UAE Rare Disease Society. It is a society of public benefit that is based in Dubai, and its activity is in the United Arab Emirates.

The Society’s goal is to spread the awareness and provide education of individuals of the community in addition to those with rare diseases and their families. Moreover, it aims to contribute in providing the psychological, moral and social support to individuals with rare diseases. Additionally, it hopes to spread awareness among specialists and researchers in the health care field in the UAE community and ultimately to encourage and support the scientific research in the diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases. This will be conducted in cooperation with the government authorities (local & federal) in the State, in addition to cooperation with the non-government organizations and international communities and associations within UAE & abroad.

The Society aims at providing the moral support to patients suffering from rare diseases and their families, to help them and serve as an advocate for their voice to decision makers. It also hopes to communicate with similar global societies and establishments to increase the exchange of scientific knowledge on rare diseases. It also aims to focus on the awareness and development of education programs to limit their spread through prevention strategies.

Furthermore it seeks to help provide novel treatments for rare disease and to also contribute in developing the appropriate public health policies. It is worth mentioning that the UAE Rare Disease Society will provide its services to all the Emirates and regions of the State and all locals and residents therein who are affected by these diseases.”