Welcome Message

Professor Ayman El-Hattab MD, FAAP, FACMG

Chairman, 1st MENA Conference for Rare Diseases

Professor, College of Medicine, University of Sharjah Consultant Clinical Genetics at Mediclinic City Hospital, University Hospital Sharjah, Kanad (Oasis) Hospital, KidsHeart, Neuropedia, and Genesis

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the scientific committee, I am delighted to invite you to our 1st MENA Conference for Rare Diseases to be held on February 17-19, 2022. As the UAE regulations are allowing for physical events, we are more than happy to announce that our conference will be in a hybrid format. After longtime of strict regulations during the pandemic, it is finally a chance for us to meet and connect with you again dear friends and colleagues. The 1st MENA Conference for Rare Diseases will cover a wide range of rare diseases encountered in various pediatrics subspecialties such as cardiology, endocrine, metabolic, genetics, hematology, and oncology. It will be a three-day conference during which experts in each field will deliver the most updated knowledge in presentations related to various rare diseases. Laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, societies and associations, support and advocacy groups, and clinics focusing on rare diseases will also participate through booths and symposiums. Furthermore, part of the conference will allow the participation of patients with rare diseases and their families to attend talks and group discussion with various experts in rare diseases. Our target audience will include general pediatricians and pediatric subspecialists such as neonatologists, neurologist, oncologists, hematologists, cardiologists, nephrologists, psychiatrists, geneticists, genetic counselors, allied health professionals such as physiotherapists and speech therapists, nurses, and academic scientists and researchers, and medical sciences students. Patients and their families will also be invited to attend the patient-related part.

We are looking forward to see you on 17 February 2022.
Thank you
With best regards,


Al Falah Street, P.O Box 44548 , Abu Dhabi, UAE